NETS - Cromwell

Summer Hockey Clinics

Please click on the link below to see the Schedule for NETS Hockey Clinics with Dan Malloy and Chris Beaudoin at Champions Skating Center in Cromwell, CT.

No need to pre-register
$15/session or a book of 10 ticketsfor $125.00.

Tickets can be used for NETS clinics or Open Hockey sessions all summer long.

To find dates/times of clinics follow the link below. Click "multi-facility calendar" at top of page then click "NETS TRAINING Sessions" on the drop down menu. Fill in the dates you're looking for and it will show you what is available!

Off-ice Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    • New England Athletic Club, Cromwell, Connecticut

Sessions are 1 hour long 2x per week and will run in 4 week intervals. They will be held at the New England Athletic Club in Cromwell, adjacent to Champions Skating Center.

Each course we focus on a new aspect of training and translate it to the playing field.

Week 1-4: Form and Technique
We will focus on building a strong foundation. This is a very important stage because it helps the athlete build proper form and technique for exercises like squat, dead lift, and bench press. $300.00

Weeks 4-8: Strength and Base
This session is designed to help the athlete improve their overall strength and base. Any good athlete has a solid foundation of legs and core. $300.00

Weeks 8-12: Speed and Power
Now that the athlete has good form, proper technique, and a solid base, we can begin improving speed and power. These 2 elements are arguably the most important differentiators between and good athlete and a great one. $300.00

Week 12-16: Agility and Coordination
This last session is designed to help bring everything together. The athlete will learn how to manage and stabilize their body by working on skills that develop coordination and body control. $300.00

Spaces are limited
Participants MUST Email Kathleen Shea to reserve a spot.

Private or semi-private on or off ice lessons can be set up at any time by calling for more information.
Please contact Kathleen Shea directly at or call 860-878-1779 for programs at Champions Skating Center.